[G11n] Hard comments on the press about Galician translation of Firefox 3

suso.baleato en xunta.es suso.baleato en xunta.es
Mer Maio 21 01:52:09 CEST 2008

Hi Tristan:

I'm writing you as the Coordinator of the Government of Galicia's Free
Software Reference and Services Center, after receiving a bunch of angry
messages  against your hard comments on the support of Galician language
in Firefox 3:


With your comments on the press, you are sugesting that: Galician
localization community does not want/ it is not capable of having Firefox
in galician language. Happily, that is not true. Unfortunately, people
here is feeling like beeing under an attack from the Mozilla Foundation.

We have a strong localization community here at Galiza. They were 
providing localized software to our own language since 1996 in both a
volunteer and professional way. Since 2005 they even acquired the support
of the Galician Government in their effort, managing to localize a large
variety of projects from entire desktops like GNOME, office software like
OpenOffice.org or more specific software like Typo3 or OpenBravo. Just as
a show of the interest of the galician society, we registered at Mancomún
more than 100.000 downloads and more than 30.000 distributed CD and DVD of
free software localized to galician language in the last year. You can
reach some of that software here:


Having Firefox localized to galician language by volunteers will be a nice
thing, but it will not be possible if the Mozilla Foundation continues
putting the blame on the Galician localization community... when you are
rejecting their contributions same time. You might understand that
attacking and damaging people is not a good way to motivate them, even
when working with a so motivated community as the galician one.

If this public Center can help to solve that disfunctional situation in
order to have Firefox 3 available in Galician language, simply tell us
and we will try to manage. Anyway: you might consideer that we will not do
anything in the field of Free Software against the will of the Galician
localization community. Attacking them will definitely not help.


Xesús Manuel Benítez Baleato                Coordenador de mancomun.org        
Consellaría de Innovación e Industria                  Xunta de Galicia 
Praza de Europa, nº 15 - A, 6ºC 15707   Santiago de Compostela (Galiza)
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